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Learn why Atlas Industries chose to locate its fine-furniture, manufacturing business, in Newburgh, NY. Watch video >

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Want to grow your business in Newburgh, NY? The Newburgh Brewing Company is a "made local" success story. It's also a growth story. The brewery's owners repurposed an historic brick manufacturing building into a successful restaurant and brewery. Watch our video >

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Newburgh, N.Y. is a beautiful Hudson River city sixty miles north of Manhattan. With roughly 2.5 million square feet of historic commercial warehouse and manufacturing space, plus hundreds of mixed-use properties, Newburgh offers opportunity especially with lease rates as cheap as $5.00 a square foot, often less.Search available commercial properties, and learn about creative makers. Discover events that showcase the properties and historic neighborhoods of Newburgh.

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Stories About Our Community

On the African American Heritage Music Trail With Aquanetta Ferry Godmother

American History: The African Methodist Episcopal Church in Newburgh   You’d be hard put to find a more historically significant place in the Hudson Valley to stage an African American Musical Heritage concert than at…


Newburgh Building Slated For Demo Gets Reprieve

Newburgh, N.Y. June, 2018   Newburgh’s Planning Board got some sad news mid-June. A much-loved building (a listing on the “available properties” list of Newburgh’s city-owned properties) had a facade that was starting to pull…


Homepage of The Accelerator Newburgh's first client, Ziel

Ziel to be Orange County Accelerator’s First Newburgh Campus Tenant

Homepage of Ziel’s website An Accelerator Campus in Newburgh, N.Y.   On Friday, June 15th The Orange County Accelerator announced from it’s New Windsor campus a plan to open its third Accelerator campus in Newburgh,…


Tax Credit Workshop Newburgh, N.Y. June 28, 2018

Historic Tax Credit Workshop At Washington’s Headquarters

Thursday, June 28th, 2018 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. Commercial Workshop 6:30 – 830 p.m.  Homeowners Workshop   If you are interested in purchasing commercial real estate in the city of Newburgh, N.Y. or residential real…


Calling All Local Makers Interested in Funding

Are you a local startup or existing business? COMMUNITY CAPITAL NEW YORK is a nonprofit funder that makes loans available to Start Ups and Existing businesses in amounts from $1000 – $100,000 WOW! That’s right,…


Updating Newburgh’s 2008 Comprehensive Plan in 2018

    Newburgh, N.Y. April 26, 2018   Updating Newburgh’s Comprehensive Plan   Over the last month via social media, the City of Newburgh website, and other press outlets, an open call invited the public…


Young, black, and real estate savvy: one entrepreneur's vision

Young, black, and real estate savvy: one entrepreneur’s vision

Dwayne Jordan is a savvy real estate investor with an eye on Newburgh   35 year old real estate entrepreneur Dwayne Jordan This entrepreneur sees opportunity in Newburgh! Dwayne Jordan is a young man with a…


Newburgh Real Estate News Spring 2018

There’s a real estate boom in Newburgh. What’s driving it? Exploring Newburgh’s neighborhoods is exciting at this time of year, particularly when street after street seem caught up in spring renovation fever. The warmer weather…


Five Dollar Sundays: Breakfast in Newburgh for $5 and change at Andrea C’s

Hay Nacatamales! On our new but hopefully never-ending quest for a five dollar Sunday breakfast in Newburgh, N.Y., our stop on a recent chilly March Sunday morning was at Andrea C’s in Newburgh, located on…


Five Dollar Sundays: Breakfast in Newburgh for $5 and change at Torino’s Bakery

Lenten Holiday Confections Are On Offer this February Torino Bakery is our stop today for our first “Five Dollar Sundays: Breakfast in Newburgh” series which we plan on posting monthly. Can you get some decent…


Vendor Call: Newburgh Illuminated 2018

Vendor Call: Newburgh Illuminated 2018

      February 2018, Newburgh N.Y. The Newburgh Illuminated festival brings tri state area visitors to Newburgh’s East End Historic District every June, and this year is no different. So while it may be…


Discover Newburgh’s East End Historic District

Puff of Smoke, by Gifford Beal, hangs at the Art Institute of Chicago. It depicts Newburgh with a view east to the Hudson River Beal’s family had a country home in Newburgh, known as Wilellyn,…


Retail in Newburgh at Cream

Redefining Retail in Newburgh

Once disrupted, Newburgh is reviving in the digital age   Urban renewal disrupted Newburgh, N.Y. That disruption included massive demolition of Hudson River waterfront buildings, and was felt for a long time. Now, in early…


Blacc Vanilla A Cafe In A Different Part of Newburgh

Black Vanilla the metro-mod, lounge café located at 197 South Street, Newburgh, N.Y., serves a bespoke blend of coffee (which they also sell) and offers an always-changing menu of tasty breakfast and lunch options.  …


Double Quartet Chamber Music Performance in Newburgh

      St. George’s Church in Newburgh will be the venue for an exciting Chamber Music performance October 15, 2017 photo credit: John Leighton Newburgh Chamber Music (NCM) has been presenting a varied and rich…


Discover how Columbia University students envisioned a film industry for Newburgh that’s happening now!

  Artwork the the GSAPP team responsible for “Lights, Camera, Newburgh” provided by Professor David Smiley On October 5th, The Orange County Accelerator will be offering a Hudson Valley Film Industry Conference featuring noted actress…


Unique home good textile business moves to Newburgh, N.Y. this is from the leather gropu

Unique home goods textile business locates to Newburgh, N.Y.

    Lan Park show off some of her Hudson and King home goods to Peter Malone former Campaign Manager, A River of Opportunities   A designer’s eye for textiles Newburgh, N.Y. resident and creative…


Hidden Landscapes, Inner Worlds

Multi Media Multi Arts Event in Newburgh       Don’t miss this multi media, multi arts event set for September 30th, Saturday evening during one of Newburgh, N.Y.’s highlight annual events, it’s Seventh Annual…


7th Annual Newburgh Open Studios

On Saturday and Sunday, September 30th & October 1, 2017 Noon – 6:00pm, Newburgh will embark on its seventh Open Studios tours.   Established galleries will be open, businesses involved in the arts will host…


Tatto Art Aftercare Products

Farmbody Skin Care A Tattoo Art Aftercare Startup

  Tattoo art grows in popularity as do related startup businesses Strip malls vacancies filled by Tatoo parlors The world is awash in ink. In the U.S. the tattoo industry is projected to surpass a…


Beauty startup began as a journey of self discovery

  Allyson Springett owner and creator of Mystique Natural Hair Products   Allyson  Springett refers to herself as a “kitchen beautician.” Her company, Mystique Natural Hair Products is a beauty startup that began as a…


Zip Zap Circus Inspires Newburgh Kids

    Zip Zap Circus inspires Newburgh kids with high flying, tightrope and trapeze tricks and a performance offered at the Safe Harbors Green right on the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street, Newburgh. This…


Multifamily real estate trending in Newburgh, N.Y.

Map of Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Sales Newburgh, N.Y.

Consistent with nationwide market predictions and trends, Newburgh, N.Y.,  has seen a healthy uptick in sales of multifamily commercial real estate, both at the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. This uptick is…


Newburgh Illuminated 2017 Recap

It would not have been possible to have had a more glorious day this past June 3rd, for Newburgh Illuminated’s fifth annual festival. The Times Herald Record quote Paul Ernenwein, chair of the festival,  reporting…


Q&A with Councilman Torrance Harvey

A visit with Newburgh’s Councilman Torrance Harvey

  Introduction Torrance Harvey, councilman for the city of Newburgh, N.Y., is an affable gentleman with a demeanor that seems both surprised and sincere. Surprised, because when you listen to him unpack his life story,…


Lucky Bug Baby Clothes Made in the Hudson Valley

How a Hudson Valley family of entrepreneurs bootstraps their textile business

A family grows its textile business with help from TSEC and the Orange County Accelerator Robin Hayes, Hudson Valley born and raised  (she’s from Wappingers Falls, N.Y), moved with her engineer husband to Santa Cruz,…


Accelerator launches first Hudson Valley Leadership Conference

The Conference Floor at the May, 2017 Hudson Valley Leadership Conference When over 250 leaders of businesses and community organizations participated in The Accelerator’s inaugural Hudson Valley Leadership Conference: The Changing Face of Leadership this May…


Our Newburgh: Why We Chose Newburgh

  Elizabeth Rowley and Bill Fioravanti   Beautiful homes on historic Montgomery Street Just steps from the intersection of Montgomery and Broad Street in Newburgh on a pie shaped piece of land is a relatively…


90% of the properties listed on our website: www.newburghny.org have sold or leased. Visit us!

Take a look at our Video of 65 Renwick Street!

This property is detailed on our property listing page here, but we had some fun with a video of the property listing, especially one with Hudson River Views, 2000 square feet, and at only $9.00…


93 Liberty Street Former home of the Alsdorf Dancing and Music Academy

The Alsdorf Dancing Academy’s Role In American Music and Dance

93 Liberty Street, Alsdorf Hall, was built in 1915, as the home of  the Alsdorf School of Music and Dancing, an historic music education and dance school begun in 1849 by Professor Dubois Alsdorf. Professor…


Claudia, Rocio Silva's mother. She is one of the expert, highly trained seamstresses at Ramos Upholstery, Newbugh,N.Y.

Ramos Upholstery Master Craftsmen

Rocio Silva, owner of Ramos Upholstery of Newburgh, N.Y. a master craftsman upholstery shop. Silva’s highly skilled and trained employees  participate in her unique apprenticeship program Ramos Upholstery of Newburgh Features Master Craftsmen   Ramos Upholstery…


Bobby Flay at Brooklyn Fireproof

Navigating Newburgh’s Commercial Properties with Thomas Burr Dodd

Closeup detail on the former Liberty Street School Building purchased in 2016 by Thomas Burr Dodd owner of RipRap LLC   Caffé Macchiato on Liberty Street is a temporary office of sorts for the gentleman…


T-Sec Funds Hudson Valley Incubator

T-SEC Funds Hudson Valley Incubator

  T-SEC, a ten year business partner to Academia, Industry, and Accelerators through which it fosters  job retention and growth, is active in the Hudson Valley funding the regions only state sponsored Incubator, otherwise known…


Hudson Valley Film Tax Credit

    Update: November 5th, 2016. As we reported last month, for some reason the 2013-2014 New York State Budget included tax credit language for “upstate” counties. It did not include the counties within the…


Orange County Accelerator Expands

The CEO and President of Mystique Natural Hair and Body products, Alyson Springett     The completely renovated Accelerator II on Avenue of the Americas in New Windsor. These updated Army quarters now hold individual…


Murmuration Scenic Props on Johnes Street in Newburgh, N.Y.

Hidden Newburgh: Escape Rooms and Immersive Entertainment

  Murmuration, Inc’s., scenic designers work with some of the worlds biggest brands: Pepsi, Nike, Macy’s, Dos Equis and more creating fantastical props right in the heart of Newburgh A murmuration is the darting blur of…


Hidden Newburgh: Duct Dynasty

The Sweet Orr Factory Newburgh N.Y. has neighborhoods imbued with a history of past manufacturing and business triumphs mirroring America’s economic ascension. A drive down streets in any part of the East End Historic District…


Angela and Noah Shapiro of Shapiro's Furniture Barn

Shapiro’s Furniture Barn A Newburgh Legacy

Noah and Angela Shapiro and son, Jakob Shapiro’s furniture barn in business in Newburgh for four generations! When you wander in through the front door of Shapiro’s Furniture Barn and make your way to the…


Sales of city owned properties pick up momentum. Pictured here, John Leighton's photograph of Mill St.

Sales of City Owned Properties Pick Up Momentum

Example of renovated properties in City of Newburgh’s Historic District The city of Newburgh’s Planning & Development Department is busy these days as sales of city owned properties picks up momentum. Nobody is complaining because…


Newburgh, N.Y. to NYC transportation information

Newburgh, N.Y. to NYC

Newburgh, N.Y. to NYC transportation information  “Planes, trains, and automobiles” get you to and from  Newburgh, N.Y., to New York city and back again. Newburgh, a transportation hub sixty miles north of New York City,…


The Newburgh Lightbulb Project

Updated: 3/2018 A while back we sat down to talk with Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor partners as well as co-owners of Newburgh Art Supply, indefatigable promoters on behalf of the arts in Newburgh, and…


Live-Work Comes to Newburgh

      In July of 2015 the City of Newburgh’s Planning Department’s  zoning update was unanimously accepted. The planning process targeted nine main areas that the rezoned code was designed to effect; one of…


Regal Bag Building 302 North Water St.

Regal Bag Building 302 North Water Street

On A River of Opportunities’ newburghny.org, website we spotlight properties. Specifically, we spotlight a number of Newburgh, N.Y.’s historic brick warehouse and manufacturing properties within our “featured properties,” section on the home page of our website….


Rezoning workshop

Newburgh’s New Rezoning Regulations

The  Newburgh Armory Unity Center in Newburgh, NY is hosting a City of Newburgh, NY, rezoning workshop on March 31st on behalf of A River of Opportunities, Newburgh, NY. “A River of Opportunities” is a…


Are you a Remodeler? Get Lead Paint Removal Certified!

Lead paint removal class for remodelers

Are you a tradesperson involved in: Carpentry Painting Plumbing Electrical contracting Maintenance personnel Property Manager The EPA  ruled that contractors and individuals who renovate, paint, or repair and potentially disrupt the atmosphere with activities that…


Safe Harbors Campaigning For Green Space In Newburgh

The non profit, Safe Harbors is many things to Newburgh: an important space offering as its name suggests, safe harbor. This video explains what it has done and what it hopes to do to expand…


Reimagined Newburgh food portal video thumbnail

Columbia Graduate Students and a reimagined Newburgh

Columbia University Graduate Students in the school’s Urban Design Studio, are architects enrolled in a program which weaves together the disciplines of architecture and urban design. Using cities as real life labs regionality, history, and…


Thornwillow Press “Doing something that actually matters.”

Luke Ives Pontifell, owner of Thornwillow Press, relocated to the City of Newburgh, NY from NYC and Prague. Pontifell spent summer vacations from Harvard printing and making hand bound books. Watch as he describes the…


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