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Hudson Valley Film Tax Credit

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    Update: November 5th, 2016. As we reported last month, for some reason the 2013-2014 New York State Budget included tax credit language for “upstate” counties. It did not include the counties within the… Read More

Orange County Accelerator Expands

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The CEO and President of Mystique Natural Hair and Body products, Alyson Springett     The completely renovated Accelerator II on Avenue of the Americas in New Windsor. These updated Army quarters now hold individual… Read More

Hidden Newburgh: Escape Rooms and Immersive Entertainment

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  Murmuration, Inc’s., scenic designers work with some of the worlds biggest brands: Pepsi, Nike, Macy’s, Dos Equis and more creating fantastical props right in the heart of Newburgh A murmuration is┬áthe darting blur of… Read More

Hidden Newburgh: Duct Dynasty

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The Sweet Orr Factory Newburgh N.Y. has neighborhoods imbued with a history of past manufacturing and business triumphs mirroring America’s economic ascension. A drive down streets in any part of the East End Historic District… Read More

Shapiro’s Furniture Barn A Newburgh Legacy

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Noah and Angela Shapiro and son, Jakob Shapiro’s furniture barn in business in Newburgh for four generations! When you wander in through the front door of Shapiro’s Furniture Barn and make your way to the… Read More

Open Studios 2016 Recap

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A recent visit with Gerardo Castro and Michael Gabor the architects of Newburgh’s Open Studios annual event offered an Open Studios 2016 recap. By their account (and ours!) the event was tremendous and offered the… Read More