299 Washington Street Party Space for Rent

Posted in Creative Class | Last Updated August 11, 2017

Party Space for rent

There’s a space in Newburgh that is becoming a top choice for private parties, dance parties, musical events and more.

299 Washington Street has hosted live concerts, fashion shows, a fundraiser for the Sloop Clearwater, New Year’s Eve Parties and more.

The multifaceted multi-use space is great for:

  • photo shoots,
  • pop-up meetings
  • rehearsals
  • dance and music practice
  • concerts.

The best news is the building is available for individuals as well as local businesses who are looking to host an event at an affordable price in the heart of Newburgh, N.Y.

Affordable and appealing venue space

299 Washington Street: A great venue to host parties and concerts

Rich Fracasse, the building’s owner, runs an air-conditioning and heating business on the first floor. When he is not running his business, he loves to  practice with his thirteen-piece band on the second floor. Fracasse has worked hard to meticulously renovate his building. In a short order, he added hardwood flooring,  art deco windows, bright-red curtains, attractive furniture, and he even built a small stage.

Fracasse rents out his second floor to anyone who would like to host a venue or event.

Slowly, steadily buildings like 299 Washington Street in the City of Newburgh mark the strides the city takes as individuals and companies move in, improving vacant buildings.

Originally named Water Street, the street’s name was changed in the 20th Century to acknowledge George Washington.  Washington’s headquarters are located on this street down the hill and nearer to the Hudson River at, where else? Washington’s Headquarters. The historical significance is important to mention because, even if licks made famous by The Ohio Players waft from the windows,  the history of Newburgh is intermingled on every street corner and at every turn, giving hundreds of buildings a sense of time, place and meaning.


To inquire more about booking, message Rich Fracasse on his venue’s Facebook Page or call him at #(845) 527-5098