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Discover Newburgh’s East End Historic District

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Puff of Smoke, by Gifford Beal, hangs at the Art Institute of Chicago. It depicts Newburgh with a view east to the Hudson River Beal’s family had a country home in Newburgh, known as Wilellyn,… Read More

The Alsdorf Dancing Academy’s Role In American Music and Dance

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93 Liberty Street, Alsdorf Hall, was built in 1915, as the home of  the Alsdorf School of Music and Dancing, an historic music education and dance school begun in 1849 by Professor Dubois Alsdorf. Professor… Read More

Commodore Chocolatier’s Delicious Hand Crafted Candy

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  A love for hand crafted things, top notch customer service, and “Slow Food,” (aka: home-made) is a Newburgh custom. And you can see this in the kinds of businesses that have been here for some… Read More

Sales of City Owned Properties Pick Up Momentum

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Example of renovated properties in City of Newburgh’s Historic District The city of Newburgh’s Planning & Development Department is busy these days as sales of city owned properties picks up momentum. Nobody is complaining because… Read More

Regal Bag Building 302 North Water Street

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On A River of Opportunities’, website we spotlight properties. Specifically, we spotlight a number of Newburgh, N.Y.’s historic brick warehouse and manufacturing properties within our “featured properties,” section on the home page of our website…. Read More

Historic Buildings Are Our Heritage

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“I think if we don’t care about our past, we can’t have very much hope for our future!” So said Jackie Kennedy Onassis during the 1975 press conference that burned an awareness in our collective… Read More