Commercial Real Estate Trends for 2016

Posted in Commercial Real Estate Trends | Last Updated February 2, 2020

2016 Commercial Real Estate Trends

The inter webs are atwitter with a few key words relative to commercial real estate trends: urbanization, millennials, and repurposing.


We’ve curated the following links which we think offer various on trend insights from the experts regarding   what portends for the following year, and beyond.

Of course our lens is Newburgh, and she fits particularly well within the arc of the trends:   real estate stock that is affordable and lines up neatly along the lines of what is desirable: a bounty of historic commercial real estate prime for millennials seeking to live, work and shop in an urban area, with easy reach to beautiful natural resources, including the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains.

From Realtor University:

The global urbanization trend continues in the United States, as it does elsewhere, as boomers and millennials seek enhanced access to jobs and amenities—from shopping to entertainment to health care.

From Urban Land Institute

The U.S. property market landscape in 2016 will appear much like it did in 2015, with a number of interwoven aspects that bode well for savvy investors who can step out in front of ongoing—and, in some cases, intensifying—economic, demographic, and technological trends. Read more
Building, Design, and Construction

18-hour cities 2.0.

The real estate industry is confident in the potential investment returns in these 18-hour markets – that is, markets where businesses, restaurants, and other services operate virtually around the clock. The growth in investor sentiment is evident in the 2016 top ten rankings.Read more…