Curated Guide to Newburgh Illuminated 2019

Posted in Local Happenings | Last Updated June 1, 2019

Newburgh Illuminated 2019 kicks off on Saturday June 1st at the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street in Newburgh, N.Y.

Voted the Hudson Valley’s Best Festival, the festival runs from 12:00 noon and runs until 10:00 pm and draws thousands!

Here are A River of Opportunities picks for some not to be missed events, but are these the only ones? Hell no. There are just too many to mention, so you’ll have to go to the event and discover your own picks!

Newburgh Illuminated 2019 Newburgh Mercantile

As the day grows warmer, you may want to wet your whistle by stopping by Newburgh Mercantile. This fabulous store features Hudson Valley-sourced home goods. It’s a gorgeous store inside and outside, well, Pina Coladas all day!


This fashion show is at the stage adjacent to Safe Harbors. Local talent will walk the runway starting at 1:30 pm. And, don’t miss the “Art Tent” located exactly on the corner here at the intersection of Liberty and Broadway.



Oh yeah, you’re gonna wanna stop by Newburgh Flour Shop. Yum.


Don’t miss them on the Broadway East Stage at 8:00 pm and stay for more!

After watching the dancers on stage, you get to make your own moves dancing to Decora’s flow

Music until 10:00 (some places later)


Enjoy, have fun, drink responsibly, and Illuminate Newburgh!