Interior Design Shop on Liberty Street in Newburgh

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Hendley and Company an Interior Design Shop on Liberty Street in Newburgh, N.Y.

Hendley & Co an interior design shop on Liberty Street

If your space could use a makeover or just a few refreshing touches, you need to know about a
remarkable new interior design shop on Liberty Street in Newburgh’s historic East End.

It’s the retail face of interior design firm Hendley & Co., and whether you walk out with one perfect accent piece or an appointment to talk about a whole new kitchen, you’re bound to feel warmly welcomed and leave freshly

Born to design

If your goal was to design a designer, you probably couldn’t come up with a better recipe than Jessica Lynn Williams’ background.

Dad’s a contractor, one grandma loved to decorate, and both parents love hunting antiques.

“I always knew I wanted to do something combining art and business,” she says. “I grew up on construction sites, watching transformations happen; at home, Mom was a baker, very into home cooking and hospitality and good taste.

“I was always moving furniture around. I don’t think I realized it was an actual job. No one we knew hired designers. But I guess I grew into a blend of both of my parents.”

Jessica Williams owner of interior design store Hendley & Co at the cross section of Ann and Liberty Street in Newburgh, N.Y.

Jessica Williams interior designer and proprietor of Hendley & Co 

From the Maryland countryside, she ventured first to the Maryland Institute College of Art, halfway through her time there she spent a dazzling summer interning with Jonathan Adler in Manhattan.

“It was unreal,” she says. “He worked with all these celebrities, and there I was having my first-ever experience of taking a cab.”

Chicago stepping stone

Approached at “just the right time” by an artist from a high-end residential design firm in Chicago, she and her husband Luke pulled up stakes and moved to the Midwest, where she worked as a design assistant.

“Chicago was a stepping stone for us,” she says. “Then Luke got a job in New York, and I went to Parsons School of Design for a one-year tech program.”

She’d imagined a job with one of the  New York designers she admired, but freelance gigs started coming her way, and at the end of her Parsons year, she decided to start her own company. “It was time to grow, and the universe kinda forced me into it,” she says.

Interior Design Store Hendley & Co Liberty Street Newburgh interior view

Hendley & Co facing Ann Street

The Hudson Valley Beckons

In June 2013, she founded Hendley & Co., offering comprehensive commercial and residential design services. Soon the Hudson Valley was beckoning, as it has to so many city-based creatives.

“I’d worked up here some, and we lived for our weekend trips to the Catskills, hiking, finding the perfect little AirBnB,” she says. “We made the decision and moved up four weeks later.

“We’ve been here a year now and it’s such a pleasure. Such an unusual place, with so much going for it.

“I love the energy and hustle of the city, but we wanted a yard big enough for a dog and a fire pit. We just rescued a pup two months ago; we take him to Downing Park to play. And I find I can work more efficiently now because I’m more relaxed; when I do go to the city, I enjoy it more than ever.”

Home goods for purchase at interior design store Hendley & Co on Liberty Street in Newburgh

Delightful gifts but also browse textiles samples for your interior design projects!

Newburgh turned out to be the ideal place to put the next phase of the dream into action.

“I’d always dreamed of having a retail shop where I could connect with people and help clients build their own collections,” she says. “You walk in and you’re immersed.

Like it? You can create a version that’s totally you and live in it.”

She considered taking space in Atlas Studios, where Luke has established a base for his own design firm, Bone, but then the ideal spot opened up on the corner of Liberty and Ann.

Liberty Street the gateway to the shopping district in Newburgh

“It’s the gateway to the shopping district and right across from the Wherehouse. I’d had lunch on Liberty Street early on and been very impressed — and I was always drawn to that particular storefront.”

Now, she finds inspiration in Newburgh’s renowned architectural majesties (“The first time I saw all those buildings, it was like ‘wow! What is this place? I’ve learned that people here take pride in it and know a lot, and I can listen to those stories for hours.”) and joyful camaraderie in the business and art communities, intertwined as they are.

(“So much love,” she says of her Liberty Street neighbors. “Everyone just wants everyone to thrive.”)

Interior Design Shop Liberty Street Newburgh Hendley & Co offers tons of home goods and design services, too!

A design library

People planning DIY projects are very much welcome to stop in for inspiration.

“I would love for people to think of us as a sample library for wallpaper, tile, fabric, flooring — if you know what you want to do, come in and find the perfect fabric to reupholster your ottoman or the perfect tile to redo your backsplash.

It can be hard to find something really unique; we’ve spent many years learning the industry and working with vendors, and we can find affordable, good-looking options for just about anything.”

You’re also likely, she says, to come away with some pro tips, just because Jessica loves talking design.

And should you want to hire Hendley & Co. to redo a room or a home, you’ll find she’s an equally good listener.

The design consultation process

The process starts with a free consultation to develop a sense of the project’s scope and budget.

If the fit is right, Jessica will want a peek at your design dreams.

“I ask my clients for a full wish list. If you could do anything, what would you do? It helps people to open up and get excited, not intimidated by the process. From there, we prioritize.

“Clients often don’t even realize what they’ll be able to afford to do with the right kind of sourcing. I have worked in high-end places and with celebrities, but that’s not really what we’re about — we pride ourselves on working with zero ego involvement and within a client’s budget.”

Working to the client’s aesthetic

This is not one-size-fits-all design; Jessica’s priority is helping you make a home that’s truly you. She’s especially fond of working with a client’s most treasured or heirloom pieces, incorporating them in ways that pay homage to the past yet feel fresh.

Don’t have heirlooms? She’ll help you find the special pieces and textures that will be your very own roots.

“I take time to research your tastes, the house, and the history,” she says. “The top concerns are your aesthetic and being comfy, but history and context play a big role in getting there the right way. You can feel it when it all fits together.”

Building a team

Once a sense of direction is established, a lot can be done remotely, leveraging both Jessica herself and the Hendley & Co. team and network.

“One person can’t do this kind of work alone; if you don’t enjoy teamwork, it’s not your path. I love what I do with a passion and want my business to thrive, and I’ve sought out people with the same kind of heart about design and a
passion for satisfying.

Everyone I work with — stonemasons, painters, plumbers, design assistants — needs to go above and beyond to see that the client is happy, not because I said so but because it’s who they are. It’s a hard quality to ask about in an interview, but you know it when you find it — and if you’re wise you treat that person well and keep them in your corner.”

Hendley & Co. opened its doors in January 2019; as the year evolves, so will the store. “We’re building a candle collection,” Jessica says, “and something that’s newish and exciting is the increasing availability of beautiful things that are sustainable, environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

Custom products to be a future offering

“We’ll be designing a lot more of own products, pillows. decor, anything living-related. From my mom’s side, I get making homemade seasonings. And I love preparing and gifting dry goods, so we’ll be doing custom gift baskets as a one-stop shop; a throw blanket, soup mix, and a special candle, for example.

“It takes a little time and listening to get to know what people really want; I want people to think of us when they want to pamper themselves of get that special, perfect hostess gift.”

With her first sale, Jessica knew she was in the right place. “Dad and I have always collaborated, when I have a piece that needed to be refinished, he’s still the best. I have some primitive pieces he’s done in the shop, and the very first piece that sold was one of his old wooden ladders, It felt like the perfect omen.

“I immediately called him and said, ‘Dad, guess what?’ There’s such good energy happening here.”

Hendley & Co. is open at 87 Ann St. at the intersection of Liberty and Ann, from 11 am to 6 pm, Wednesday through Sunday; for more information, call (845) 784-4744 or email, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook, too!

Hendley & Co have also launched an online shop which you can visit here.