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Titans In Newburgh

In our video,Thomas Wright and Joseph Fratesi of ATLAS INDUSTRIES talk about why they chose to locate here in Newburgh, N.Y., when looking to move their business from Brooklyn. They own a design & manufacturing firm formed in 1993 to provide architecture, furniture, and product design services. In 2012, they relocated their office and workshop from Gowanus, Brooklyn to Newburgh, NY, and began the transformation of the 1920s industrial building into amazing light filled work spaces.



Their building also houses Atlas Workshop & Studios, which turned the converted factory into workshop & studios for “artists, makers, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals seeking space in a dynamic environment, in an historic city just 60 miles north of NYC. We offer secure, private studios in a historic industrial building with 14′ ceilings, hardwood floor, large operable windows with beautiful natural light. The building has been modernized for 24-hour access, wi-fi, heat, A/C, & is fully sprinklered. Tenants have access to freight elevators, loading dock, common area kitchen, off-street parking & photo studio.”

Atlas also sponsors and hosts a series of concerts, art shows, and literary and film events.


More, from Atlas Industries’ website: “Dating to 1920, the building belongs to an era when Newburgh was a thriving industrial center with, among other things, large-scale textile manufacturing. It was built by a company that made worsted yarn, and was successively used for clothing manufacturing, handbag manufacturing, carpet warehousing/distribution, and finally mattress manufacturing.

We, and a brewery that opened in 2012, were the first businesses to settle in Newburgh in decades, and our reception has been enthusiastic and grateful.Thomas Wright