Map of Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Sales Newburgh, N.Y.

Posted in Commercial Real Estate Trends | Last Updated April 6, 2020

Consistent with nationwide market predictions and trends, Newburgh, N.Y.,  has seen a healthy uptick in sales of multifamily commercial real estate, both at the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. This uptick is visible in the map of Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Sales Newburgh, N.Y. viewable at the bottom of the page.

“As we look ahead to what the 2017 investment real estate market will bring, it is likely that investors who have been priced out of the New York City market will continue to explore opportunities beyond the five boroughs.”
An analyst at Northeast Private Client Group, a commercial real estate investment firm.

That analyst was making the observation as a part of a look at overall trends in the multifamily market throughout the Northeast as detailed here. 


Map of Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Sales Newburgh, N.Y. show trending properties


In another sign of the times, 90% of the warehouse and light manufacturing properties listed in the past year on A River of Opportunities website have either sold or leased.

As a result of the Google Adwords ads that A River of Opportunities runs, phone calls are being directed straight to property owners and property agents. General questions also still come in about properties, and Newburgh, and we answer those questions or put individuals in touch with those who can.

The next corridor of opportunity in Newburgh, N.Y., appears to be the Broadway retail corridor, as many of the larger warehouse properties have, as mentioned, either sold or leased.

The clickable map below shows where Newburgh properties sold, the address, number of units and sales price.