Newburgh Complete Streets Holds September Workshop

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Newburgh Complete Streets Grant Funded Workshop funded and organized by Orange County Planning

In mid-September, the City of Newburgh offered a Complete Streets Workshop which was sponsored and funded by the Orange County Planning Department

And, just what are “Complete Streets?”

Well, according to: New York State Creating Healthy Schools and Communities and NYS Obesity Prevention Center for Excellence. 2016. Complete Streets Flyer, Complete Streets are:

“streets for everyone and provide and opportunity to engage in inclusive, community-wide health promotion.

“By planning, designing, operating, and maintaining Complete Streets, communities of all sizes – from small rural towns to large cities- can provide convenient and comfortable access and travel for all users regardless of their transportation mode.

“Complete Streets enable those walking, wheeling, bicycling, driving automobiles, riding public transportation, and delivering goods to share the road safely and allow communities to achieve greater economic, environmental, and public health benefits.

“Complete Streets go beyond just the street; if the underlying principles of universal design are adhered to and effectively executed, an inclusive and accessible environment for pedestrians and transit users will be achieved.”

The office of Orange County Planning hired Alta Planning and Design to work with targeted locations which included  Lake Street and Lake Drive in the City of Newburgh.

And, one of the goals of Newburgh’s Complete Streets project is to maximize healthy lifestyles by connecting Newburgh’s recreational areas, such as Delano Hitch Park and the Newburgh Armory in a way that is more fully integrated with the city and that increases walking and biking opportunities.

If you’ve ever seen people struggle to cross at the intersection at Lake Street, or negotiate a baby carriage, you see the obvious need for thoughtful planning.

The thinking presented by Alta design is that Lake Street could be designed as a fitness loop, taking walkers and bikers down by the Quaisaic Creek and back again at the same time that this design would address the congestion at Lake Drive, Lake Street and South William Street near the Newburgh Armory.

Here’s a great example of an Alta design in Salt Lake City, and it reflects the kind of design thinking that was going on in the workshop.

Of course, walkability and ease of movement greatly enhance the value of a city and it’s properties, and, therefore, is an admirable goal.

Alta has released their first draft set of design alternatives for public review.
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