Newburgh Historical Society’s Candlelight Tour 2016

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Newburgh Historical Society's Candlelight Tour 2016


Don’t miss the Newburgh Historical Society’s Candlelight Tour 2016 December 11th, from noon until 5:00 p.m.


Each year homes such as those on “Quality Row,” on First Street, in Newburgh, N.Y., and Grand Street, as well as historically significant architectural gems such as the James Finn Cotter Library in the Villa on the campus of Mount St. Mary College, for example, open wide to the public for a “Candlelight Tour of Homes!”


Thanks to the The Newburgh Historical Society, which coaxes home owners and organizations to open these gems, located all throughout the East End Historic District, and beyond, visitors are able to enjoy spectacular architecture, with an insider’s view.




Crawford House kickoff point for Newburgh Historical Society's Annual Candlelight Tour 2016

Like many Hudson River towns, Newburgh boasts an array of   Federal, Greek Revival, Italianate, Carpenter Gothic, Queen Anne, etc., architectural styles but in numbers that represent an embarrassment of riches.


For $30.00 per person, this year’s December 11th tour of mansions, row houses, and other homes are once again on view to enjoy.

It’s a great opportunity to see Newburghers get creative holiday with their holiday visions, as each owner bedecks their pride and joy.

In fact, it’s an often over the top occasion as homeowners go all out for the event, festooning staircases with pine swag and ribbons, and decorating mantles with wreaths, and fabric ribbons, amidst the soft and glowing light of twinkling candles.

In tandem with the early winter light of the famed Hudson River Valley, it makes for a spectacularly atmospheric adventure.

The 1830 Captain David Crawford House, located at 189 Montgomery St., Newburgh is the starting place for the Tour, and you may buy tickets in advance which includes admission to all the homes on a map and guide book included in the price of admission.


So buy yourself a ticket, stop off at one of the spots near Liberty Street for a coffee or a mulled wine and get on your seasonal glow!


Funds raised benefit the Newburgh Historical Society which sponsors the yearly tour.