Newburgh Illuminated 2019 Dazzles

Posted in Local Happenings | Last Updated June 8, 2019

Newburgh Illuminated dazzles

By mid-afternoon on Saturday,  organizers knew that this year’s Newburgh Illuminated crowd was bigger than ever before. And before the day was over, close to 40,000 people had flooded Newburgh’s East End Historic District, enjoying what has become a Hudson Valley classic in just seven years.

The ingredients: 40 bands, 40 dance troupes, 60 artists, 195 vendors of wonderful things, and matchless community spirit. Five stages sparkled with talent, Washington’s Headquarters was abloom with children’s activities, fashion designers showcased original work, a flash mob broke into a pulse-pounding rendition of “Thriller” by Michael Jackson.

Richard Fracasse Newburgh business owner and one of Newburgh Illuminated's organizers

Richard Fracasse, Newburgh business owner, Funk Junkies frontman, and Newburgh Illuminated organizer. Photo Credit: Steven Marrero

Joy was everywhere. Nobody appreciates a good time more than Newburgh — and last Saturday proved definitively that nobody can throw a better party. The late Mayor Judy Kennedy, the originator of Illuminated, knew it in her bones and she was so right.

A photographer captures iconic festival moment

One proud  Newburgher, Steven Marrero,  who started taking pictures when his son was a newborn, discovered a passion for the art and moved on to capture Hudson Valley scenics and landmark moments as a professional.

Pop up vendors used Square Mobile at Newburgh Illuminated making purchasing easy

There were 195 vendors at Newburgh Illuminated! Photo Credit Steven Marrero

He has a home studio in Newburgh, NY. where he shoots weddings portraits and family sessions and on occasion marvelous events like Newburgh Illuminated.

Last Saturday he captured this iconic image of Saturday night’s crowd enjoying homegrown Newburgh hip hop artist Pardison Fontaine.

Pardison Fontaine at Newburgh Illuminated 2019

Pardison Fontaine, homegrown talent, performs at Newburgh Illuminated. Photo Credit: Steven Marrero

“That shot captures the magnitude of positive emotion that the Newburgh Illuminated festival brings to everyone,” he says.  “I just love being behind the camera capturing memories.” Kudos, Mr. Marrero.

Assembleyman Jonathan Jacobson, U.S. Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, and N.Y. State Senator James Skoufis

Assemblyman Jonathan Jacobson, U.S. Representative Sean Patrick Maloney, and N.Y. State Senator James Skoufis Photo Credit Steven Marrero

As observed from the stage by state assembly member Jonathan Jacobson, “People are talking about Newburgh coming back. But Newburgh has already arrived!” And for thousands of visitors, last Saturday left no doubt: There is nowhere else like Newburgh, New York.