Non Profits Serving Seniors Are Our Everyday Heroes

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Kiwanis of Newburgh honors Friends of Seniors with Everyday Hero award, 2016

Kiwanis of Newburgh honors Friends of Seniors with Everyday Hero 2016 award


A River of Opportunities raises awareness about the tremendous stock of historic, commercial real estate and (with the advent of Newburgh’s new zoning laws) historic, live-work properties as well as mixed use properties that are being discovered by urban pioneers, and that are available for lease or purchase.

But it is also true that A River of Opportunities serves to raise awareness about the people of Newburgh.
So, as well as spotlighting buildings, businesses, and potential businesses in Newburgh, we spotlight the creative class of people that make Newburgh special.

That includes artists, restaurateurs, musicians, promoters, craftspeople, and the important volunteers and non profits that make Newburgh a special place.

We use our website and social media to bring awareness about the multitude of events, activities, and happenings that are geared towards the very young, the millennials  and the boomers either residing in Newburgh or interested in Newburgh. And we do our best to cover the ever-growing scene!

But there is another group of people in every community, and in our community, too. And they are often missing from the picture: these are our seniors.

In this post, we are shedding some light on why non profits serving seniors are our everyday heroes. Simply, it is because of their commitment to the under-represented, senior population. We want to raise awareness about them, as well as continue to raise awareness about other non profits in Newburgh, too.

On Thursday, May 19th, Kiwanis of Newburgh, N.Y., honored Anita Manley, co- founder of The Town of Newburgh Friends of Seniors, at a luncheon at My Place, New Windsor, in her honor during which Kiwanis President, Gary Smith, presented her with Kiwanis’ Everyday Hero Award, 2016.

The Town of Newburgh Friends of Seniors was founded in August, 2008 its mission is helping seniors age 61 and older with transportation to medical appointments, grocery shopping and by providing home visits.

Through the years, the organization has grown and now boasts over 41 volunteers who are trained and screened to perform the services at no charge to clients. It is sponsored by the Town of Newburgh, the Orange County Office for the Aging and Jewish Family Services.

Friends of Seniors of the Town of Newburgh will drive, visit, and call the elderly

A phone call to the elderly is one service

Speaking to the group of Kiwanians who had gathered for the “Everyday Hero Award 2016,” (an annual event honoring members of the community whose philanthropy and volunteerism is noteworthy, and has a positive impact on the greater Newburgh Community) Manley detailed the  genesis and original inspiration for the Friends of Seniors service.

She explained that when her mother in Florida needed services it dawned on her that right in her own backyard of Newburgh, seniors had the same need, but there were no services. She then helped c0-found the Town of Newburgh Friends of Seniors.

“There is such a need for volunteers, all over Orange County, “ Manley said, “we provide volunteers who can drive town residents (and city, too she was quick to add), to doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping. Volunteers will also do the grocery shopping for those who are unable to do so, the volunteers will visit as well as do phone call check-ins.

A hot meal is a gift to a homebound senior

A hot meal is a gift to a homebound senior

Also in attendance at the Thursday event was last year’s Everyday Hero Awardee, Carole S. McDermott, President of Meals on Wheels of Greater Newburgh.

Meals on Wheels relies strictly on volunteer donations for its funding, and residents of the City or Town of Newburgh or the Town of New Windsor who are prevented from cooking their own meals due to physical disability, illness, advanced age or other reasons are eligible to have meals delivered to their home by Meals on Wheels. There is no age or means test.

Each December, Kiwanis of Newburgh donates and helps arrange holiday fruit baskets for shut ins, some of whom only receive that one gift during the holidays.

To learn more about acquiring services or volunteering for Town of Newburgh Friends of Seniors
Call: 845 564 8936

To learn more about acquiring services or volunteering for Meals on Wheels Greater Newburgh
Call: (845) 562-3490
Or visit:

To learn more about Kiwanis visit one of their meetings the first and third month, Thursdays @12:15 at My Place, in New Windsor, N.Y.