Orange County Accelerator Expands

Posted in Cottage Industry | Last Updated July 22, 2018

Alyson Springett at the Orange County Accelerator II helping startups in Newburgh and beyond

The CEO and President of Mystique Natural Hair and Body products, Alyson Springett



Orange County Accelerator II at Stewart on Avenue of the Americas

The completely renovated Accelerator II on Avenue of the Americas in New Windsor. These updated Army quarters now hold individual processing spaces where liquid consumables are readied for the retail market


New Windsor, N.Y. October 21st.

On the campus of the former Stewart Air Force base located at Avenue of the Americas in New Windsor, attractive, repurposed, military buildings hosted a throng people who gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony launching  The Orange County Accelerator’s second location, The Acclerator II.

The campus houses buildings for Accelerator start-up businesses with processing spaces for businesses focused on the manufacture of liquid consumer products, geared for the retail market, specifically:

  • lotions
  • creams
  • shampoos
  • cleaning products

Orange County Accelerator expands. Goody bags of Accelerator entrepreneur's readied for ribbon cutting guests

Goody bags of products made by start-up companies are readied

County Executive Steve Neuhaus, Assemblyman James Skoufis, County Legislator Chris Eachus and Legislator Stephen Brescia  (also chairman of the county legislature and a member of Industrial Development Agency board) were on hand for the event.

The Orange County Accelerator refers to the campus as a bottling POD  (production on demand) facility.

It opened at the Avenue of Americas location in September.

As of October ’16, there are four Orange County Accelerator start up companies located at the site:

  • Haven (which features natural plant-based home cleaning products)
  • Goats in a Coat (goat milk based personal beauty products)
  • Farmbody (all natural beauty products)
  • Mystique (hair products for curly girls)

Robert T. Armistead, chairman of the Orange County IDA, Vincent Cozzolino, managing director of the IDA and The Accelerator, and Laurie Villasuso, Chief Operating Officer of the IDA were also on hand, both overseeing the event and greeting well wishers and other area economic development professionals.