Over the past few months, A River of Opportunities, newburghny.org has undergone a site re-design.


We knew we needed to satisfy Google’s April 2015 gentle requirement that all sites display across all devices, responsively.  Additionally, our cause needed a site that would enable us to stay in touch with our visitors which meant newsletter sign up forms, property submission forms, and property tour booking forms. We needed our social properties to be linked to the site, because we have garnered a very large audience there.


We also needed to provide important resource links. We have links to state, city, and federal sources for businesses looking to move to Newburgh and in search of loans, tax incentives, not to mention information about city zoning maps, etc., The new website has all of it.


There’s a buzz about Newburgh. It’s happening. A stream of interest from Brooklyn and other Metro N.Y. boros  flows up the Hudson. Businesses hunt for less expensive commercial real estate for light manufacturing and ware house purposes. Especially in demand are historic brick buildings with large interior loft spaces, and at affordable rents (Newburgh has rents as low as $4.00 per square foot).

We have designed a website to meet these needs by providing relevant content and information, as well as actual, detailed individual real estate listings with contact information and book a showing forms.


We wanted to capture the beauty of Newburgh, because we’ve seen it in the building transformations that businesses such as the Newburgh Brewing Company have achieved, but we also were keenly aware that many of the buildings are in the “before” stage not after.

Enter Gerald Berliner of Brandinglife, a photographer (among many other talents: visit his website to learn more) and Peter Malone, Campaign Director, A River of Opportunities. Working from a creative brief, Berliner and Malone set out to capture the beauty of some of Newburgh’s most compelling commercial real estate. And neighborhoods. And we think they succeeded!


It didn’t hurt that Woodstock resident Berliner has been a top creative with 25 years experience in designing and managing award-winning global brand and corporate identities. And Malone, a commercial real estate professional who has long worked in the Hudson Valley, has an excellent sense of the potential Newburgh’s commercial real estate stock holds!


Together, and with the weather cooperating, they managed to capture the beauty of the city’s landmark commercial real estate.


If you are curious about before and after success stories of businesses which made the move, visit our Locate Here and Grow Here pages to watch videos featuring companies who took historic commercial properties and transformed them into buildings of great beauty as well as utility.


And please! sign up for our newsletter where we will keep you informed about new listings, creative happenings, as well as Mt. St. Mary’s Start Up New York program, which some businesses have already begun to participate with. This program offers hundreds of thousands of tax dollar savings for qualifying businesses, and we’ll be bringing lots more news about that here, on our Facebook page, and in our newsletters.

Finally, we’ll be featuring events, not only about the marvelous buildings, but about the businesses and people that make Newburgh unique. We’ve been graced with a prestigious Google Adwords Grant and we are working apace to make sure we do our best to spend as much of the $10,000 per month grant as we can to showcase, buildings, events, and the very special people of Newburgh.
If you have any questions or suggestions, do feel free to contact us at: theteam@newburghny.org


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