Speakers to discuss Stewart Airport’s potential economic impact on Newburgh

Posted in Transportation | Last Updated April 6, 2020

Aerial Futures Newburgh Enclosures May 17th at Atlas Studios discusses Stewart International Airport's Economic Impact on Newburgh

On May 17th at Atlas Studios in Newburgh, AERIAL FUTURES: Newburgh Enclosures will host a discussion about  New York Stewart International Airport and its potential as a catalyst for economic development in Newburgh.

The public is welcome.

Aerial Futures

AERIAL FUTURES is a non-profit organization with a focus on aerial infrastructure and its interdisciplinary discourse.

The nonprofit seeks to “provoke timely considerations of our aerial age to imagine the future of a connected multimodal world.”

Refreshments, jazz, and reflections

The event offers attendees an opportunity to hear three key speakers reflect upon the one day think tank they held concerning Stewart Airport and its potential to breathe new life into Newburgh.

Refreshments and jazz are also offered to attendees.

Newburgh City Planner a featured speaker

Alexandra Church of Newburgh City Planning, Brandt Knapp of PennDesign, and Ed Harrison of New York Stewart International Airport will be speaking at the event, discussing important questions about how the airport will impact Newburgh’s economy, agriculture, mobility, and civic life.

From their press release, AERIAL FUTURES writes, “One of the most promising drivers for Newburgh’s economic development is its airport. After opening a few international flights in 2017, the airport began attracting unprecedented attention, passengers and new business. In 2018, the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey rebranded SWF as New York Stewart International Airport, positioning it as New York’s Budget Flight Hub.”

The think-tank, which will be hosted earlier in the day for the respective speakers, experts, and other industry professionals, including Amanda Dana, Director of Orange County Tourism, seeks to explore ways in which The New York Stewart International Airport will become a catalyst for urban regeneration in Newburgh.

Newburgh’s proximity to the airport makes it a transportation hub thus perfect for tourism and commercial transactions

Newburgh's proximity to Stewart Airport Makes it a Transportation Hub

The goal of the public event is to showcase the airport’s potential to boost local tourism and transportation, to create new jobs that will have a positive impact on the local economy, and to be more than just a travel hub, but also a commercial hub.

In addition to discussions hosted by the speakers, AERIAL FUTURES: Newburgh Enclosures will also be featuring several projects from architecture graduate students studying at the University of Pennsylvania.

Projects from the students include research and design propositions aimed towards renovating a regional bus station close to the airport.

A regional transportation center envisioned by architecture students

If implemented, the transportation center can become a conglomerate for co-working, food justice, and farming. The students, throughout their research, assert that the site ultimately connects the rural, urban, and global aspects of Newburgh and its citizens.

The AERIAL FUTURES: Newburgh Enclosures public event will be held Friday, May 17th from 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM at Atlas Studios.

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