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Entreprenuer chooses Newburgh, NY.

When shrimp farmer and entrepreneur, Jean Claude Frajmund, searched for a home for his new shrimp farm startup, he looked throughout the Hudson Valley before deciding the City of Newburgh, N.Y. was the best choice for his new startup business, Eco Shrimp Garden because of the City’s affordability, proximity to New York City, and the accessibility to various transportation that Newburgh’s transportation hub offers.

The new business involves growing and harvesting fresh shrimp, all of which occur inside an historic 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse building off Liberty St in the City of Newburgh.


I expect to grow and sell 300 to 400 lbs. of shrimp per week.Owner of Eco Shrimp Garden, Jean Claude Frajmund

Down in the basement of the building sit eight, 3800 gallon salt water tanks with a potential harvest of 30,000 shrimp. Frajumund believes the market is ready for his product especially in light of recent headlines questioning shrimp farming practices in other parts of the world. That coupled with the fact that the United States imports over 95% of all shrimp consumed here. and with an over $6 billion market in terms of potential, Frajumund anticipates growth for verified, domestically sourced and supplied locally harvested shrimp.

Frajumund got the idea of harvesting organically fed and locally grown shrimp from his prior experience working on a fishing boat along the coast of Brazil. Many mornings while working in Brazil, he would go along the beach with a small seining net and catch jumbo shrimp for his breakfast. Several decades later, he came up with the idea of growing shrimp indoors

Since the city of Newburgh is within 55 miles of New York City, Frajmund hopes to capitalize on this market which consumes more than 100,000 lbs. of shrimp per day.He feels critical mass for his business will be in the next 4 to 6 months as he ramps up his production and adds a few more tanks. He expects to grow and sell 300 to 400 lbs. per week. His recent grand opening had a huge turn out and many of those attending were excited about the prospect of buying fresh shrimp at his 99 South William St. location.