Tasting Events And You Are Invited!

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newburghmercantileWe have such friendly neighbors in Newburgh!

Yes, it’s always a beautiful day (or night!) in the neighborhood, and our wonderful merchants help to make this so.

Join us this Thursday, August 24th: we are pleased to tell you about two tasting events in the Liberty Street and Broadway area of Newburgh, N.Y., and we want you to come along!

Starting at 5:00, Palate Wines, at 115 Liberty Street is hosting a “Meet The Neighbors” Wine Tasting. It’s a fun way to enjoy a beautiful summer night in our charming historic district where restaurants and art galleries are flourishing.

While we are there, we won’t forget to pop over to 188 Liberty Street to the groovy little pop up shop, Chime. This neat space was created because the owners (according to their website) wanted to meet a perceived need in Newburgh:

  • to showcase work by Newburgh makers
  • to provide a within-walking-distance thrift clothing shop in the historic district
  • hosts music & art events

Well, we are all about walkable Newburgh, and so that’s a must stop, especially as the current artist’s exhibit is closing the following night. That would be Newburgh artist, Anthony DiBenedetto. According to Chime In’s website, DiBenedetto was born October 18, 1923 in Washingtonville, NY. He graduated High School in 1941, attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, but in his second year at Pratt, he was drafted into the U.S. Army and served for three years until the end of Word War II.

That’s a story! We will mosey over after Palate, and check him out!

NM front summer 2015-1

Then, we are heading on over to Newburgh Mercantile! Another fantastic pop up boutique and specializing in Hudson Valley makers (and beyond). This shop has an enviable spot at the end (or the beginning!) of lower Broadway, and a magnificent 19th century styled wooden storefront in keeping with the historic nature of the neighborhood.

Starting at 6:00 p.m., they are hosting a bourbon, chocolate, and coffee tasting. The coffee is roasted in Newburgh and sold and distributed by Tas Kafe in our neighbor city (across the Hudson) of Beacon.

The bourbon is distilled in Brooklyn but from water sourced from our neighbor to the north, Rosendale.

Rosendale has a world famous limestone quarry, and because this water derives from limestone caves it imbues the bourbon with unique and desirable properties. The bourbon is as unique as its name: Widow Jane.

Finally, the 72% cacao chocolates bars come from the same Brooklyn distillery,  sourced from pods and sugars from the owner’s family farms in the Dominican Republic.

Will we see you on our mosey?

Hope so!