Thornwillow Press “Doing something that actually matters.”

Posted in Creative Class, Video | Last Updated May 22, 2019

Luke Ives Pontifell, the owner of Thornwillow Press, relocated to the City of Newburgh,  from NYC and Prague.


Pontifell spent summer vacations from Harvard printing and making hand-bound books.

Thornewillow, he explains, is all about handmade limited edition books made the way books were made hundreds of years ago: the letterpress printing, engraving the leather, binding the gold work, the process he employs is all entirely about craft and about craftsmanship and tradition.

What attracted him to Newburgh was its traditions,  architecture, its history, and beauty.


Thornwillow found a beautiful complex of 19th-century brick factory buildings where they consolidated operations and found space and room for a collection of machines that he has been able to grow.


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