Ziel to be Orange County Accelerator’s First Newburgh Campus Tenant

Posted in Commercial Real Estate Trends | Last Updated June 19, 2018

Homepage of Ziel’s website

An Accelerator Campus in Newburgh, N.Y.


On Friday, June 15th The Orange County Accelerator announced from it’s New Windsor campus a plan to open its third Accelerator campus in Newburgh, N.Y.

Simultaneously, The Accelerator also announced landing its first tenant for the new, 605 Broadway, Newburgh, N.Y. location.

The tenant is textile startup Ziel. Their website is zielware.com

On demand manufacturing done by Ziel

Ziel’s specialty is on-demand, active wear design and manufacturing. Ziel makes clothing for brands and influencers who want to sell their own private label apparel.

Because they understand the financial realities of small to mid-sized brands and entrepreneurs, Ziel makes apparel for its clients without demanding a minimum order quantity.

It also delivers merchandise in less than 10 days. Instead of time to market taking months, Ziel gets product to clients literally in days.

Ziel’s founder and CEO, Marlene Vogelaar, presented to the Board of the Orange County I.D.A., the Accelerator’s funding partner, on Thursday, June 14th. (The Accelerator is a partnership between Orange County Government and the Orange County Industrial Development Agency in order to grow business in Orange County).

In her presentation, Vogelaar zeroed in on Ziel’s value proposition:

  • the ability to produce fitness apparel with speed
  • increased flexibility
  • in small batches
  • smaller inventories
  • locally sourced materials
  • made in the USA

Vogelaar knows the importance digital media, especially social channels, play when vying for applause from millennials.

She is targeting health industry influencers and health-based business owners who must be on or ahead of trend, and also sensitive to millennial social concerns.

Entrepreneurs in this space want and need to be able to respond quickly to shifting consumer tastes in a socially conscious way.

This is why on-demand fashion manufacturing is getting attention. Due to its controls, it eliminates a lot of waste. Due to its local production, it lessons manufacturing’s carbon footprint.

Ziel makes it possible for small business owners to extend their brand by creating socially aware, fashion forward, branded fitness apparel.

A unique, online e-commerce platform

The unique, online Ziel e-commerce platform makes it possible for influencers and health club owners, as well as food brands, to sell clothing made in small batches, with controlled inventory, on a platform that makes it easy to stock up to the minute styles.

Ziel’s e-commerce platform is frictionless: it provides a completely turnkey service offering clients design, production, inventory management, and on-line and off-line sales help.

After Vogelaar’s compelling presentation, The Orange County Industrial Development Agency committed to spending $300,000 to renovate the 14,000-square-foot textile factory located at 605 Broadway.

The former factory becomes the newest Accelerator campus, and is symbolic as it has a history of having been one of the City of Newburgh’s longest operating textile production facilities.

Coats were made on premise as recently as the late 1990’s by the Giordano/Bloomer families who had been involved in textile production in Newburgh since the start of the 20th century, when Newburgh lead the nation as a textile manufacturing hub.

Jobs to Newburgh

The funding is part of a $1 million supplemental appropriation from the IDA’s reserves to support its Accelerator programs and other IDA administrative expenses. The Accelerator is a New York State certified business incubator that has campuses in New Windsor and Middletown.

Ziel is currently manufacturing apparel in the Bronx, New York. It’s location in Newburgh is expected to be a driver for textile jobs in the Hudson Valley region.

Prior to founding Ziel in 2015, Vogelaar Co-Founded Shapeways, the world’s leading online 3D printing marketplace and community.