Zip Zap Circus Inspires Newburgh Kids

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Zip Zap Circus Inspires Newburgh kids



Zip Zap Circus inspires Newburgh kids with high flying, tightrope and trapeze tricks and a performance offered at the Safe Harbors Green right on the corner of Broadway and Liberty Street, Newburgh.

This Friday evening at 6:30 p.m. a two week summer intensive circus workshop culminates in a July 28th free performance, in Newburgh, N.Y.,

“What this program is is a collaboration between Zip Zap Circus USA, the Boys and Girls Club O America, Newburgh, and Safe Harbors. We’ve been running a two week summer circus workshop, teaching the kids Monday through Friday,” explained James K. “J-Bird” Gibson, one of the instructors.

Gibson is the Executive Director and a co-founder of Circus of Hope, a circus arts based, non profit located in Austin, Texas which brings “the transformative power of the circus arts into the lives of children as an educational tool masked as recreational fun, for a sense of a community and diversity, and an empowered sense of identity and presence.” according to his not for profit’s website, Circus of Hope.

Gibson has traveled all over the world, performing in his specialty, the flying trapeze.

Zip Zap Circus is no newcomer to Newburgh, having offered similar workshops in previous years.


James ‘J-Bird’ Gibson explains the Zip Zap program

Zip Zap Circus according to its website works “with diverse communities of young people in South Africa and the USA, (and) helps kids “Dare to Dream” and empowers them to make those dreams a reality.